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SprayKraft™ Pump Model SE-20-120

Features & Benefits


Fits through a 36" doorway, letting you do a greater number and different types of jobs . No spray booth equipment!

Quick System Changeover Saves time in changing coating systems
Warm Spray Mode Use more 2K formulas than cold spray, and get differing physical properties
Compatible with Multiple Uses Coatings, foams, adhesives, composites, gel-coats, and other variable ratio applications.

OSHA Compliance
Compliant with OSHA regulations regarding airborne free monomers.

Low Power Requirements

Spray (warm or cold) using regular 110V
On-Board Battery Spray in unheated mode where there is no power source available..
VOYAGER™ Patented Pump System designed for plural component spray pumps Years of planning and development have gone into giving you a state-of-the-art positive displacement plural component spray pump system that you can depend on
Seize -Proof Plural Component Spray Pumps You will not have to worry about having to spend money to rebuild your pumps, or time away from the job
Application of 2K Coatings or Joint Fill Multiple uses help you maximize your time and investment
Sprays 20 Gallons without stopping Continuous spray with proper configuration allows spraying without stopping.
Intelligent Fail-Safe Patent pending invention prevents over-
pressurized hoses, thus protecting your workers and job site
Low-Pressure Coating Equipment With low pressure coating equipment you can feel safer about your health knowing there is less material atomized into the air –and– reduces overspray

Compatibility with Pails and Drums
You can save time and money normally associated with cold spray systems that are limited to smaller container size
Flexibility of Use May be used as an extrusion(crack filler), spray(coatings), filling(OEM or Packaging), or metered pump(specialty).
LOW COST Spray Coating Equipment Takes less jobs to get back your investment - This means more money stays where it belongs: IN YOUR POCKET!!
Fluid Transfer Capacity You can neatly and easily break down drums into pails or fill cartridges; Eliminates pigment settling problems of cartridge systems; Gives you a significant cost savings over buying pre-filled cartridges.
Easy Clean-up Saves you time after every job

Bi-Directional Pump System
Avoids wasting expensive material; Makes clean-up easier
Air Dryer System You can save time and money normally associated with cold spray systems that are limited to smaller container size