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SprayKraft International™ Industry Referral and Representative Program

The economic state of the United States, Europe, and increasingly the world has changed the way all of us look at our personal finances and financial security. Ten years ago becoming a foam and coatings contractor provided a great opportunity, unfortunately, times have changed. Today, many sprayers that are used to servicing only one market are having a hard time finding work. Therefore, they are having difficulty paying for their expensive equipment and the lease/loan payments therewith. One only has to reference the number of used spray rigs and machines that have been liquidated in the past four years. The sad reality of the situation is that many sprayers have seen their businesses close in the past few years. As a small business, SprayKraft International™ understands the pressures and position of small businesses in today’s economy. With small business sprayers in mind we developed the SprayKraft Referral and Representative Programs because we want to provide hope and opportunity for those that have been, or are presently in the industry who are feeling these pressures.

Those who have worked in the plural component spray industry develop a large “rolodex” or database of industry contacts, which includes other applicators and sprayers in their area. The SKI Industry Referral Program is a way for you to use those contacts and generate an income in the process. There are two levels of the program, Referral and Representative depending on how involved you would like to be in the sales process.


At the Referral level you would provide SKI with a list of industry contacts that you are aware may be in need of equipment and that is the limit of your involvement. An SKI representative would then contact the names and businesses that you have provided to inquire about their equipment needs. When an SKI representative makes a sale to one of your provided contacts you receive a referral fee. This can be a great way to see some income while you are still trying to take the next step with your current or prior business.

Fill out this questionnaire to be contacted by SprayKraft and create a new source of income for yourself.

At the Representative level you engage your industry contacts directly and put your knowledge to work for you. As a SprayKraft International™ Representative you will find yourself working with SKI’s cutting edge spray technology. SprayKraft’s equipment options and pricing enable you to offer Better Equipment Options and More Application Markets to your potential customers. In addition, because you are with SKI you can count on quality support and timely delivery to build your reputation as an equipment salesperson. Building that reputation will make you the first person contractors want to talk to when they are in need of equipment. The Representative Program with SKI provides you an opportunity to work with your friends in the industry, generate income for yourself, and work with a supplier who will train and support you in your sales efforts.

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