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About SprayKraft™ International

SprayKraft International is a US based global supplier of plural component spray equipment designed to apply spray foam, high performance coatings, and other multi-component materials. SprayKraft International also supplies training modules, repair parts, and supplies for the equipment it manufactures and distributes.

We are unique in the industry in that we offer better equipment options for the application of these types of materials thus enabling distributors and installers alike to acquire and profit from multiple application markets.  These better equipment options include pumps that use the high pressure, heated, impingement style of equipment often referred to as “Hot Spray”; pumps that use the low-pressure, unheated, static mixer (based upon vortex mixing and Bernoulli's Principle) style of equipment often referred to as "Cold Spray"; and portable application spray equipment using the static mixer style.

The range of equipment SprayKraft International offers enables the applicator/installer to acquire the specific type and sophistication of equipment that is appropriate to the application markets they wish to serve. Further, through the offering of multiple levels of price points allows applicators/installers to become involved in the spray foam or high-performance coating industries with the budget they have available today.  

The personnel at SprayKraft International have experience both in the manufacturing and installation of plural component types of materials, thus empowering the spray installer to have access to technical service and real world experience application experience, when needed.

Now you, as a professional installer, can access cost effective, application-appropriate, state-of-the-art equipment through our growing international network of professional equipment distributors.  If you are presently a spray installer and are familiar with the sales philosophy of our competitors then you will find our customer-centric sales approach a pleasant change.  Give us an opportunity to show you exactly what we mean.

International distributor territories are presently available for those qualified companies seeking both a rewarding and long term relationship with an equipment supplier offering state-of-the-art, quality oriented, and innovative products.

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SprayKraftTM - Better Equipment Options = More Application Markets

Better Equipment Options =
More Application Markets